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nyctaeusBarry X Ball, ‘Purity’, 2008-2011

"Purity, a response to Corradini, is made of semi-translucent stones not traditionally used for sculpture that transcend the limitations of marble to blur the lines between stone, flesh, and cloth. The translucency of the materials creates the illusion of the sculptures emanating light, simultaneously conveying the warmth of human flesh and the diaphanous qualities of a veil. With sumptuous finishes that highlight the sensuality of exposed flesh, Purity is inevitably imbued with eroticism despite its virtuous title.”

1. Golden Honeycomb Calcite

2. White Iranian Onyx

3. Pink Iranian Onyx

4. Belgian Black Marble

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Art made from Wi-Fi Signals by Luis Hernan

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Zoom steampunksteampunk:

Abandoned Victorian Greenhouse


Abandoned Victorian Greenhouse

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